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Trying to stir up trouble early... Attempting to climb the ramps...

Too slick!


You can see 3 rigs with trailers in the background.

First shot Kelly playing in one of the first challenging obstacles.
Backup Decided to backup and try and different angle. Brandon is in the Orange Yota looking on.
That was easy.. Nice straddle!
Green Machine Will and his green machine locked front and rear (welded) make it up easily. Leaf sprung rigs are fun to watch. Lot's of wheels in the air!
The Turd Jeff giving it a shot.
Carb The Carb was giving him a little trouble along with the front diff not locking. First sign of what would later be a big problem.
Brandon coming back around, Kelly in the distance. Someone has to stop and take a few pictures!
Jon Jon walks this like it was made for it. Nice clean rig.
Tear I think I will shed a tear from my right eye, when this beautiful rig gets its first dent.
Brandon Brandon and his girlfriend.
Got Yota? Got Yota? This rig is for sale if there is anyone interested. Locked front and rear.
Spring Popped a spring out with all of the flexing. It is amazing how this YJ articulates even with a limiting strap in the back!
K1 Flexy bugger. This is just the start of the show of flex Kelly will have for us today.
K4 I have more pictures of the process up the crack, but you get the idea. There will be plenty more pictures of the RED YJ later in the review.
One more OK one more.
The train of rigs

A train of rigs following Kelly through some obstacles.

Kelly, Will, Jeff, Jon


Jon taking advantage of big tires and good approach angle.

Jason is the blue YJ.

Jason from Elk Jason, a new member of our group, joins in the fun. We have a lot of corrupting to do with him yet.
Showoff Brandon trys to show off a little and hits his bumper. Had to backup and try a different angle.
Nice Don watching as Brandon monsters over the burm.

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