Apparently we need a few more people to purchase digital cameras!

Thanks for all who used my camera!

Pre Naches run at the ORV in 7-Mile to see what stuff will break.


Tom unloading george's buggy. Tom did an awesome job putting the new D60 in the front so it was fitting for him to test it out.

After some successful lines... Tom decides to test the buggies stability on extreme angles....
HA! It was a soft landing but we started losing hydraulic fluid for the steering ram.
Rich laughing really hard!
Tom FLEW out of the Buggy and got a winch line on it really fast so that we wouldn't lose any more fluid.
He started it at this angle and drove it out!
No problem!

It's ON NOW! Both of us having a good time!


Time to put the jackets in another rig.

Rebel Racer showing us some Yota power.
Got Beadlocks?

This rig turned out to be pretty awesome! The driver is crazy too! =)


OK so it's poser flex shot time! Kelly not even coming close to maxing out his suspension!
This is Tom saying, "This is when I drive off right?"

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