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Thanks for all the help! The pictures finally arrived!

Here is the guy responsible for all this madness..


Think we packed enough junk?

Pete throwing in some last minute stuff. Figured he ought to be in at least one shot since he operated the camera most of the time!
Jordon and Rich. It was cozy, but the drive was short.

The road to Coulee is STRAIGHT and very tempting for speeders!


"God Bless speed governors on moving vans!"

I had made camping reservations at the King's Court RV campground.

BUT nobody brought the RV.

SO the "Rich-Mahal" would have to do.

Cindy Rich and Pete

Arriving on the Dam, after checking in with security, we found an UNPLEASANT surprise!

Work platforms were spread across the dam since they no longer have vehicle traffic.

They were kind enough to remove a few to give us some more room to shoot and move around. Thanks Dale!

Scenic shot 1

...looking off of the dam toward the parks below.

Scenic shot 2

Different focus!

Scenic shot 3

River and Casino?

Scenic shot 4

Water, concrete...

Scenic shot 5

Yeah more of that. PLUS some metal of various kinds!

Looking back toward the entrance.
Dale and guards discussing how hard of a time they should give us for setting up one day early.

The only equipment on this truck is the effects for across the face of the dam. This requires some math.

There will be a LOT of walking done tonight "round-eye!"

The debate continues. Jordon not wanting to crunch any numbers, proceeds to hold the truck up for us!
When you have this much space, you gotto' use it!

Another view. Not so ZOOMED in!


Keep in mind this is only ONE side.

First steps a killer!
You know we're scheming over something!
What do you mean I have to do this side too!?!?!

Jordon working hard! Mexican food is calling his name!

Laser light show starts at 10 and we are supposed to get off so that we don't risk our vision.

Fair enough!

View from the back of Cindy's truck as we fly off the dam for the night. It is nice to have some stuff done ahead of schedule!

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