New Years at Crystal Mountain

Dave, in front of Crystal Mountain's prized creation... a trailer made out of an old cat chasis. Looks like something my friends and I would have done...
Tight quarters on the ride up!

Oops we dumped a few racks on the incline!

Let Rich synch it down!

We have arrived! Ok get off and start humping racks over to the shoot site!
Jolene thinking.... YEAH that would leave a mark!
Travis and Jayson taking advantage of a break in the action. Wrestling in the snow... all whopping 16 inches of it
Beautiful View
Ok, so I didn't load anything, but I am gonna help out up here and maybe test out the new boots!
Rich Packin' product. MAN some of these suckers are HEAVY!

Rich setting up the finale'.


We accidently forgot to get pictures of the rest of the setup... battery was low... sorry guys!

ON THE RECORD NOW!!! I got Jolene involved and working!
My My, Those are some mighty big shells you have there mister...

While dave and I stayed on the mountain, the rest of the crew went down for dinner at the condo. Sandy made the BEST chicken noodle soup ever!.


Here is Josh Ready to blow some stuff up!


They brought us Ham Sandwiches that were excellent too.

We shot at 9:30 on the button and it lasted for about 9 minutes! Only had a couple of gaps, but the crowd loved it. The marketing director got 24 calls from people that loved the show! Next year will be even better!