New Years at Crystal Mountain

The whole story!

Well, first of all we had to "borrow" some eggs for our trip from the parents...


They will find out about this ... oh right now. THANKS

We didn't spend too much on gas this trip, this is unusual for me... amazing what driving a car will do to your gas mileage!
Rich got worried about cold feet so we stopped to see Kim at WHITE'S BOOTS for some serious gear!
We see SNOW!!! Here is Jolene riding shotgun! She has no idea what I am getting her into!

We go to a ski resort to go SLEDDING! WHY?

Because it doesn't cost $40 for a lift ticket to the top of the sledding hill outside our condo!


Chris, Josh, Jolene

Rich and Dave, The licensed pyro's...

Rich testing his handy work on the hill! Yikes, Look out for that turn!


Those boots are bigger than your head!

Jolene posing cause she is afraid to hurt herself... well so far... she later gives in to the dark side!

"Hey Come here for a second I want to show you something...."


"Last year..... we shot up there.... this year... we are shooting down there..."

When Dave gets a "few" in him his memory goes and he may tell you something 20 plus times....

Josh giving Rich a massage! Before you laugh!!! He is a trained professional and it felt REALLY good!
Travis went over the curve and hurt his butt on the cement! We were laughing WITH him, honest!

We had time to kill before we were supposed to meet the cat operator, so we amused ourselves some more on the sledding hill outside our condo. Rich was busy modifying the curve while Josh, Chris, Nate, and Travis tested it out.

Here is Nate and Chris going tandum...

They landed in a heap... and apparently it hurt.

(Nate's boot augured into the bank bringing them to a prompt halt!)

Travis, Josh, and Chris went looking for bigger and better hills while we waited to go load the cat!

Where we stayed... all 10 of us! IN ONE CONDO!


Many people make for...

lots of idle bodies standing around.... or something like that!

They got it all unloaded without me even taking off my backpack!
Ready to rock guys! ohhh and I suppose girls too!

Here is Dave getting a last minute permit from the fire marshal, the only thing official about it is that it has his signature and was drawn up on government property... his car! He He He


The Cat driver is testing to make sure that he can make it up the hill, with the weight, before.....

All Aboard!