Went up the easy way to turn around.
Got hopping on the wrong line, front end slid over, started to tip high on the hill... slammed it into reverse and went backwards... avoided roll on top of hill... bumped it back into gear... engine died.... lost steering..... turned passenger whether I wanted to or not and violantly flipped 3/4 into Bob's jeep. (Grippy tires!)
Get me upright please!!!
OK how about we remove the glass first.
WOW,..... it was a nice jeep..... WAS.
NOW to get the hood open!
Jordon crawled in since the doors were munched.
GOT IT. Bump Bump.... NO OIL in the cylinders!!! WOOHOO Fired right up!
SOME BODY WORK back at camp.
When he was done... all the doors opened!
YES I am sitting. I landed HARD on my leg and it didn't feel to good....
Thanks for all of your help guys!!! We got it cleaned out and ready to wheel again!!! AND WE DID! Not long afterward either!