7 Mile ORV Impromptu Run

This was a great run to meet a lot of local wheelers and forum participants. It was also an awesome test of the new D44 in the XJ! Thanks to Barry for riding along and taking a few pictures!
Shooting the Breeze

Rich talking to trevor and Ben while TJ works to disconnect his swaybar.


TJ drives a TJ. I find that funny. (I know I know, easily entertained)

Cruising toward the back Waiting in line on our way to the hills in the back of the park.
Nice Flex Ben

Ben has a sweet XJ with a Rock Krawler suspension, trussed D44's 35'' tires... the only thing he needs now is a front locker!

It was fun to watch his longarms work.

Now THAT is a hill!

We veered to the right and went down this ravine. Pictures never do it justice, but this was a steep area in the snow.

Barry and I decided to test the locker out and go up the other side.

4wd issues

Trevor blew a bead.

Jody's transfer case was slipping out of 4wd. He did great considering that problem!

Barry and I went up and down giving the new locker quite a test. IT PASSED!

Don't go wheeling without a front locker! It is an entirely different experience!


Got air?


These guys have all the stuff. Easy repair. Good time for the kids to go sledding!

Ben Stuck

Ben trying to get back up the hill and having trouble. Got front locker?


He spun his tires for a while and finally made it up to where the rest of us were watching....

Rigs What is everyone getting out for?
Big money Watching "big Money" work his way up the SNAKE. It was washed out in a way that threw your rig off camber if you didn't hit it right.
Yikes Luke from Central 4 Wheel drive discussing where to go next.
XJ Crunch

Barry and I tried this before and tipped over like the JK did. Notice the back tail-light all crunched!

Thanks Luke for the spare lights! One down, drivers side to go!

Got Paint? Got Paint?
Trevor Ballast

Even Trevor was not enough counter-weight for keep me upright!

The JK took two people to get it back on it's wheels.

Guess I need nerf bars or something...

Live to wheel another day!

Backing down. Leaking steering fluid.

Decided to live to wheel it another day. Added 1/4 quart or more...




Next time I will air down!

Rock Pile Gathering at the rocks!
For the people with $$$

Lot's of towing, scraping, and even a broken Driveshaft!


Big Money 2

Rocks are for thos people with lots of money. and Armor.

But mostly money.

Brandon Rocks

Brandon takes his Toy through the middle.

Tracy from High Mountain 4WD parks on the rocks.

Proof he does wheel!

So Long Jody

Jody decided to call it a day. We soon followed.

New X-fer case?


Uh OH! Brandon go into a ravine and slid off of the ledge.

In retrospect, he probably should have drove through it. Except for the damage on the side...

Talking him out.. Rich getting ready to talk him out.
SNAP goes the Axle!

Broken front driverside axle.

Get the strap!

Crazy Bugger

Had to lock in all the way around to pull him.


Thanks to the Spokane 4 Wheelers for the invite to their get-together. Sorry we couldn't make it.


Met a lot of good people this day. It was a good trip!