Night Run 12-11-04

Mt. Spokane!

Yes I posted a lot of pictures but I pay for this site and I can do what I want! So there!

Lining up at Kelcher's waiting to go at 5ish
Had to get at least one shot of my rig in here... It seems my photographer went on strike and I am behind the camera tonight!
This is George (Flexj) for those that don't know him!
There we go, the right direction! I didn't say good side, just the right direction!
Here is the group at the first break, well part of the group.
Kelcher Found a Hill to climb!
It is REALLY slick!

George Waiting impatiently at the bottom...

Full-size Chev belongs to new guy Mark

While Backing Down, he got a little off track and ....

had to winch...(#1 of night)

George couldn't wait so you can see him stuck further up the hill...

While backing down George also got into a little trouble by getting wedged onto a stump.
Yep we're gonna winch you off this one.. (#2 of the night)

Kelly watching Tom High-mark him on the hill!

Thanks a lot TOM you had to get them started! Now we are never gonna leave this hill!

Ok, So Kelly made it all the way up and turned around... then George and I went all the way up and kept going! Found another road too!
Mark gave it a noble try just to say he did! But the slick AT tires and open diffs didn't even get him to the bump!
After emptying all my gas out, we kinda got a fire going....
I was gathering wood while the rest of the guys were trying to break their rigs on stumps and get stuck. Some would call it fun... or playing around...
Brandon and George going at it... I think it is fair to say George won this one, much to our amusement! Watching them roll around in the snow was well worth going!
My Brother wondering what I got him into!
OK THIS IS MY SECOND FLAT TIRE IN TWO WEEKS! Thanks to Kelcher's onboard air and Tom, this was a quick swap. AND this time I had a spare with me!
That's a nice stick you have in your sidewall! I bet they will laugh when you get the tire pro-rated out!
Side shot of stick in the side wall, in case you missed it!

Kelcher considering the options after he found a large Kelly hump...

He decided it was best to go back tonight and conquer it in the day sometime....

George had a different idea... Here he is at the WRONG end of the pit of no return!



We found George's Weak Link!!!!

The factory yoke connectors* couldn't take the strain! All this money into it and he didn't put U-bolts on the u-joint yoke connection... HE HE HE and axle wrap bars would be nice...

* the thingymayhuey er the whatchyamahthingy the doohdads

Bodies lying around everywhere! So much for getting home early guys!

Well we didn't get back to Kelcher's until after Midnight, but we still had steak and venison before we left... Good time though... Just slept in really late the next day!