Mica Peak Trip 12-04-2004

Email any pictures you want PUT up!


The Mountain to be CONQUERED!
Meeting Place!
Trail head!

Trailer Queens!

Gotto Love Em'

Jeremiah's BEAUTIFUL Monster! It's an OFFICIAL Trail Rig NOW!

Morrow's Welding and Fabrication

Rich, Playing! Gotto Test out the new Axle! Should get a paint job while I am at it!
Ryan Going over the first big bump!
Rich's Turn! Ready to get Some Air MAN!
Yeah, OK so I like to take them fast!
Tom (Ingram) Flying Over!
Joe (FrozenW) Flyin' High as Usual!
Kelcher Making short work of it!
Jeremiah Laughing all the way!
Barry... No Sweat!

Bryan (Nautique21) What's that noise?...?

Nice Wreath!

Lets Get Some Professional (WINK) Opinions! Sounds like T- Case... No its Drive line..... no.. OH CRAP its your ring and pinion! Your done dude!

Getting the drive line out to see if he can be drug up the hill..


"So that's what that noise was..." Bryan's last words!

Getting a little help staying on the mountain.

"Stroker" Ryan's dog smiling for the camera!

Love that "Crud" eating grin! That is a beautiful new drive shaft you have there... (Came in the mail Yesterday)
Passengers to be.... Erin, Bryan's Girlfriend, and her dad Mike?

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