College Place Fun Days July 9-10th

On the road ! This picture was taken by Jordan and Brandon on a 2 lane highway...
We met Ken and Judy, Part owners of EFI down in College place and helped prepare the class "C" product.
Brandon's "Stupid thing"
Jordan and Rich working hard or hardly working...
I must say this is a first. We are electronically firing CLASS "C" cakes in a park with people only 50 feet away! (Or so)



Special thanks to Jeff and his wife Geri for puting us up for the weekend!

Jordan eating off of the same tool Brandon uses to clean his toes. IN ADDITION to having dirt on it....
Karl and RIch, Waiting for 10 pm to come!
OK so we shot early.... either that or the camera is wrong.
Not too bad for class "C"!
American Flag Set Piece.

On to the Big Shoot!