CDA Holiday Lighting Festival 2004

Truck Packed to the top!

Unloading onto main barge FRIDAY

10 Sixteen Inch, 700 lb Steel Mortars Waiting to be picked up!


Moving The Racks onto the appropriate barge and banging them together!

Barges are tied off of the Boardwalk Until Show day.
Product arrived from the coast today so we dropped it off at the storage magazine.
Josh Updating the Inventory Sheet
Yes, 10 Sixteen Inch Shells and here is me holding one of them! Yeah Baby!

Rich and Rich

(with Ken in the corner)

Main Barges all banged together. This means they are gouped and angled.

Notice they are tipped on end... this is to prevent possible rain or snow from filling the mortars.

Great Work Guys

Racked and Ready...

The Big Dogs

Rich and Ken

Barges Ready for wiring!

Top two barges are the main body, that will be attached to a closer barge

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