Barry, Tom, Kelly, Rich, Will, and Wendy.

Thanks for coming along guys, it was great to be outside
and even better to be laughing with you all!


So, How far do you think we will get?
What a neat day and trail to go offroading!
This is a shot where Tom had just blasted over a snowman that someone had left alongside the trail. I think he felt better after that....
Tom, using Rich as a tow point for his winch after giving it the "what fer" in the deep snow!
Tom follows the pack in the torn up snow. Tough going!
We were in snow up to and over 4 feet at times.
Barry looking into the sun. It was a gorgeous day to be out!
Wendy on her first ever wheeling trip getting a different sort of experience.
Tom and Kelly telling us that we are nuts to go on since the snow is going to get soft and we may get stuck up here!
Rich giving Barry a tug. Apparently he hit a "soft spot!"

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