WinterFest at Schweitzer Mt. Resort

January 15, 2005

Here we are bright and early in the frigid cold!

"Nice Hats"


Its a beautiful clear day!

I think the high was supposed to be in the 20's and the low, well... below 0!

Steve and Ryan
Here is a guy named Shaun that will be towing all of our equipment over on the back of a FLIPPIN snowmobile!
Mike and Brandon inspecting the load.

Brandon, Mike and Shaun.


Brandon and Mike yelling, "GO FASTER!"

I think we either got cocky or anxious with this load!

YEP! Tipped over and had to make two trips...


"See what happens when you go faster!?"


"What can we do with this?"

Dropping Shells.
Rich on the firing line.
Brandon and Steve "nesting" the 10" shells.

That shell is as big as........ your head!


"Can we aim for the lift?"

"Can I Keep It?"
Quit posing and start working!
Where did Brandon go?
Ahhh! He found a place to nest! (Using the snow for insulation)
Firing line complete!
Lot's of people for such a frigid day!
Uh oh, the sun is going down. Here comes the sub-zero temps!
Last minute shot of the view from the mountain.
We made some arrangements with the resort to supply warm beverages...

Here is the crew less Mike

Steve, Brandon, Rich, Cole

The camera did not like to work in the cold. As soon as the batteries got cold the camera stops working. SO, this is the only shot of the show! Pathetic huh...