Off to Tri-cities to do a show for the Dust Devils.

WOW that was a big bug! (emphasis on WAS)

Jordan and I got down their earlier than we needed to... so we went and roamed costco and had smoothies.
We also killed some time by stopping along the river and driving in random directions.
This is what we would rather be doing...
We passed this goofy train twice while driving through this park that specifically said NO TRUCKS.
OK so we finally started setting up about 5:30. This is about at small as a show gets...
I wired up a salute to go with the end of the national anthem and it was all I could do to not pop it early! There is something about wire that makes it want to go to the battery...
Post video later... Video
Larry Mattingly stopped by and chatted for a while. He was down for another pyro's daughters funeral. Very sad.

Dave Cheney and Rich.

Dave and his boy Brian brought us sodas and helped clean up. It was fun to have you dave!

This is Jordan and Rich after finding out the game is tied in the 9th inning!

"I have been wearing this junk for 40 minutes, what do you mean they're tied!!!!"

Swing batta batta....
What do you see Jordan? Is security coming to get you off of the center field wall?

OK so we finally shot the show and it went really well. They said it was better than the 3rd of July (which had a bigger budget) I think it was because Jordan and I are just that good. (HA HA)

We are on are way to Walla Walla for the night.

Jeff and Geri put us up in Walla Walla. We have such a great time staying with them..


Here I am eating a bowl of awesome fruit and chocolate milk at 12:30 in the morning!

Well, its off to Spokane we go! We stopped and got onions and gas first. Turns out if you buy 10 gallons of gas you get a free 20 ounce Coke product! We got three if that tells you anything...
State prison, Where I will meet my future spouse, or so I am told... hehehe
Jordan eating the raw corn that he kyped from last night.
The GPS says ETA of....

Hey Will! How do you spell ......




"jon Deer"


Won't live that one down farm-boy!