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Here we are hanging out at the lake before taking off to the Hay Ranch!
Tom and Ben taking on the first obstacle.
No problem.
Kelly picking a difficult line.
This is where the seatbelt got ate up against the rock.
Or perhaps it was here... he he.

The green YJ lives!

Will's project finally rolls on something other than garage floor!

Kelly gardening on the side of the hill.
A closer look.
you want to go up what?
Autumn and Barry watching the madness.
Will, sporting open diff's, carefully picked his lines while following us up the hill.

Kelly and Tom picking crazy lines.

This place is really neat except for the loose dirt and grass that can make for difficult climbs.

Rich riding shotgun with Kelly. We found out that Rich doesn't like side-hilling much!
He He.
tom in a predicament, on a steep hill.

"Whatever you do, DON'T LET GO SEGO!"

They made it out OK but not without some major pucker factor!

Waiting on Will as he airs down a little in hopes of getting a better run at the hills.

Kelly and Rich waiting on the ridge for the green machine.


"Super swampers rule!!!" was all that could be heard from the ridge.

Taking on the rocks.

Can you imagine if we rolled on this stuff?

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