Kelly's Birthday Run

Off We Go Off we go! Our mission: to try to get to the top of the mountain, take advantage of the beautiful day!
Got Heater? This was an amazing day to be out! Josh was all bundled up like a skier... err snowboarder...

The snow was like driving on Marbles. It will be easier once we have a warm day to melt it down...


Kelly, Cheri, Rich, Autumn, Will, Jordon, Josh

Waiting to get a run at the hill

Long distance shot of Will catching up to Kelly. Josh made 42'' irok size ruts and holes for us to manuever through.

A little mommentum helps a lot!

Who needs FIRE?!

The group huddled around a hot XJ.

Apparently Rich forgot to turn the fan back on after the nap he took waiting for everyone else to get up the hill.

The black XJ was worked HARD!

I don't think so!

After Will tried following Josh and we used the tow strap a couple times...

"That's axle breakin' conditions right there."


Josh is on his way down. He went up a ways and turned around when it got over three feet. (good call)

Staged for descent.. Although we were in the shadows, it was a gorgeous view!
Another view I know, I know, poser shot!
Flyin' I know why he wears goggles.
Check one two.. After running it hard, Josh is inspecting the possible damage.
That's gross Will!

Kelly playin'


Proof, Autumn was there!

Down in the dirt

Down to play where it isn't so deep...


Rocks anyone?

Hmm Got Green?
Buggy1 Josh playing. Here we go!

The Holley show is about to begin!

No worries, we like to watch!

Yep, we do! Yessir, we do!
Tree and a rock and a hard to climb slick place Tree and a rock and a hard to climb slick place
Icy Picked the right line, but the ice just wouldn't let his tires hook up.