Rathdrum Mountain 01-16-05

Lots of fresh SNOW!


Well we were supposed to meet at 8:30 and then leave at 9 am. This picture was taken at 9:00 on the button and there are only 2 of us!

Tom and Rich (and Brandon)

Here is Brandon (Beaver) the photographer of the day, playing with the GPS and thawing sandwiches on the dash.

We climbed two thousand vertical feet and went about 28 miles by the end of the day.

Here is the group... quite a bit later.

Flexj, Kelcher, Ingram, Richdaman

Nautique21(Bryan), and Barry
Here is Barry leading the pack at the "trail head"
Everybody aired down and ready?
The primary trail head was a VERY steep and torn up trail. Here is Barry giving it a shot.
Lots of spinning, only way to do this one is gonna be a winch... and that is a LONG way to winch..
After Barry hops to the side, Flexj (George) gives it a little skinny pedal
Not so far either...
Here is the lady passenger

Doing the beverage exchange! How many can she hold... hey wait a minute are two of those yours? he he

George saying no way to the hill.

Kelcher giving it a shot
He's flying now!
Brandon (Beaver) diving out of the way!

Yikes, ok so you highmarked the trail.

Barry, "he just got that high because George and I ground it down to dirt for him..."

HA! I love it

Here is me (Rich) chillin' near our alternate entrance. I'm not gonna even try the other one!

Apparently everyone has to give it a shot!

Here is Bryan with a little hopping from Tom. Either that or her was jumpin' out of the way!

Beautiful day!
Rich hitting a kelly hump!
George testing his passenger's ability to balance beverages.
Tom with Ben riding along
Kelly and Cheri
The snow ranges from a foot to two feet depending on where you plant your tire!
I really don't think these guys can park normal...
Hey George! That thing flexes so much your about to lose your coil!

More parking spots.

They are waiting for Brandon and I to fix my transmission linkage that melted on the way up. Brandon did a beautiful Mickey Mouse fix and we were off!

more bumps
that thing just flexes like crazy!
Tom expressing his opinion that power is more important than flex....
Kelly, wondering when we are gonna get to something challenging!
Flexj's Passengers!
Kelly came flying up around the corner and augured his bumper into a mount of dirt. It spun him around and brought him to an immediate stop! HA HA!!! Not to mention George slamming on the brakes to not hit him. It was kinda' close!
Here is the man! and his wife of course... and YJ their pup that has been on 3 runs now!
Awesome view of the valley floor!
Rich Turning around, THERE be moose in these hills!

Awesome place!



It just gets better, read on!!!