Faithwheeler's Elbe Offroad Campout July 28-30th, 2006

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Faithwheeler campout!


Apparentlywe didn't get the memo on bringing an RV! (Colder in the tent)

Neat little camp area available by reservation through the DNR.

Notice the little toys too?

This is real rough guys!
What a cool little Truggy! I especially like the tail-lights! (You will see them later)
Lining up for a warmup run!
Jason taking on the rocks.
Made the smart choice to go around since it was the first obstacle of the day... not a good idea to break so soon. (Bet you will crawl right through it when you get those lockers in.)
Gibby and crew
OK now, someone at least spot him! He can't see anything over that hood!
I just love this truck. It looks like you should be able to pick it up, turn it over, wind it up and let it go!
Baker flying around the obstacle. Nothing to prove.

Truggy time!



OK now try.



He made it no prob!

Tight corner for Justin.
Sure is a purdy jeep to be thrashin'
HOLY COW, he actually is trying the rocks in the DD YJ!
Got shackle?
ON our way again!

Shadow the pooch running in front and around and behind and over and in and under and and and...


no squished pooch.


Good deal.

What can I say, I am a sucker for flex shots.


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