A "Last Minute" run!

Kelly, Tom, and George making the climb!
The unusual amount of rain made for interesting mud holes to play in. George wasn't quite warmed up yet and didn't give this hole enough wheel speed.

Somewhere in there is George. Hate to admit it man... but you are fun to watch.


"No way I'll do it, but I bet George will try it!"

Just sick. (In one of those amazingly stupid sort of ways.)
Where yah goin'?
That jacket matches the paint! If you are looking to do any landscaping, George still needs to wash off the "XJ" and he will gladly park it in your yard over a sprinkler at no charge to you!
Looks like someone is stuck in a hole. Is that Jeremy jumping off the hood of the XJ or Tom?
George, Rafe, Josh.
Yeah, we're looking at you! It takes a special kind of nut to be sooo committed that he still wheels in this soup! (In a buggy)
Kelly, George, Josh.... Got Lockers? (Yep)

Photo Credits to Barry of the Wolf Pack