Coulee Dam Memorial Day Fireworks Show

Things that go BOOM

Grand Coulee, WA


Brandon & Rich Before Sunburn!

Our Camp Site Next To The Host!

Well Unloading Went Fast... Who's In Charge Here?

Now What?

What's Everyone Looking At?

There are some guilty looks over there!

Easier To Apologize Than Ask Permission!

Now I see why the guilty looks...

(Suspending one 12" and two 10" shells over the dam...)

(Lift Charges Removed)

Rich V, Showing Us All How It's Done!

Soon To Be Wrapped And Suspended 12" Shell!

Rich Pauses For A Sec!

Nesting Product!

Did You Drop Any?


Brandon and I spent a lot of time wiring up small missile batteries (of bottle rockets) all the way across the dam! More work than it was worth! 

(Wired to go all at once)

Foiled and Ready!

This Ought To Be Good!

Lets Eat!


Guard it Well!

Now What!

Thanks For Coming Guys!

Eating With Brandon's Relatives!

Savanna, Tyler, Dianne, Dan, Jessica, Tanner (Jordan)

Can't Beat These Seats!

Jordan, Brandon, & Rich 

My Crew, Sun Burnt And Ready To Watch The Show or Go To Bed!

History Lesson!

Cheesy Light Show That Needs To Be Updated!

Long Shot!

Sweet Acoustics!

I will add more pictures when I get them!

Open Full!

Fun Trip,

 Good Show!

Great time hanging out, and learning a lot about a lot!