Had a good time! Beautiful day! Challenging rocks and lines....
participants: Kelly, Barry, George, Bob, Rich, Autumn, Will.

NOTICE! This barrier is put here to keep out garbage dumpers and slobs trying to dump stolen cars. Permission was given by the police department that if we could get in and out and make sure not to leave anything, it was OK with them.

"Barrier to entry... if you can make it in.. you can play around!"

Spokane Police Dept.

Whatcha waitin' for Autumn?!

Even though the sun was peeking through, it was still on the cooler side.

Here, Bob AKA CheaperJeeper is the Third one to try an extreme line! Kelly motored on up it easily since he knows the line so well and has the ultimate rig... Barry was a trooper and gave it a shot but he didn't have the clearance for this first line.

These are the looks you get when you are scraping diffs on rocks and looking a little tippy!

Will, Rich, Autumn

Cheaper, spotted by Kelly, try's the first line that we usually go up. You can sort of see where Bob is diffing out so-to-speak.

It got tippy and Bob made the wise choice to back out for a bit.

Here goes George, AKA Flexj AKA Earthmover, AKA Landscaper, AKA ..... You fill in the blank!


We love you George!

Is that a new winch cable? Hmmm....
Those heavy axles, big tires and low pressure made an easy climb once he got on the right line. Big thanks to Kelly for the spot!

Bob and Rich cleared another line up by moving some fallen trees. Bob decided to give it another shot since it was further from the nasty rock face.


Kelly suggested that Bob air his tires down to 12 psi.

Nice view of the city!

"Driver, Driver!"

Kelly did an amazing job at spotting Bob up the hill. Bob also did a GREAT job of following Kelly's commands. This rock crawling is slow and precision based not skinny-pedal based...
Kelly doing what Kelly does best. Last time I, Rich, got to ride where Will is and experience the inversion factor of the crazy YJ.
The ground was damp still and made for slick rocks and dirt.
Last time Kelly just popped right up this, but this time the lack of traction and short wheel base... gave him some trouble.
He made a few really good attempts and decided not today!

Autumn and George!

That is the official, "I am really doing this?" smile!

Autumn riding shotgun in a real Jeep. (Rock crawler that looks like a Jeep)


George just walked right up it.